Blog posts and news on July 2006

Improving VoIP Audio Quality

The consumer market for VoIP grew by over 250 percent in 2005. This refers to people who actually subscribed to a VoIP service, which amounts to over 3 million people. That number is expected to nearly triple in 2006, and be nearly ten times in 2009. [C|Net News] Call audio quality is going to be an issue sooner or later, if it has not become one already. Besides hardware-based VoIP, many more people are using soft clients such as Skype,... Read more »

Recording Your VoIP Calls

With all the recent free VoIP services available, like, Skype, Sightspeed, and Jajah, there are obviously a growing number of VoIP users, and thus an increased interest call recording. In fact, it's a common question on various VoIP forum websites. Enterprise audio file storage issues aside, there are some relatively simple methods to record VoIP calls. The method to use does depend on whether your VoIP is hardware- or... Read more »